Penile Enlargement Surgery

Penile Enlargement Surgery

Surgery LIFE Enhancement penile enlargement surgery involves grafting procedures for girth and a suspensory ligament dissection procedure for penile elongation.


Surgical Penile Enlargement Highlights


Penile lengthening surgery is performed utilizing vacuum traction that is attached to the glans, all while the patient's genitalia is induced in an erect state during the traction extension. 


Surgical girth enlargement is accomplished by either autologous dermal grafts or donor matrix grafts such as Belladerm® and Alloderm® tissues.  


Men gain approximately .75 inches to 2.5 inches of flaccid and erect penile length on average after penile lengthening surgery. Men gain upwards of 2.5 inches of erect circumference after dermal grafting girth surgeries. 



Surgery LIFE Enhancement's Phallocare: BBC Documentary

In 2006, the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) featured Surgery LIFE Enhancement's Phallocare Male Enhancement procedures as part of their body image documentary series, My Peni and Everyone Elses. The video documentary includes a dermal grafting girth enlargement procedure performed on "Jarrod" the same year in Orange County, CA. The documentary author, Lawrence Barraclough, explores several options that men have for natural and surgical penile enlargement.